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Stilmat Inline Hockey Puck

Stilmat Inline Hockey Puck

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The Stilmat Inline Hockey Puck is one of the most popular Inline Hockey pucks and is used and trusted by players at the highest levels including Inline Hockey World Championships, State Wars and other international tournaments.

It utilizes a textured surface that enhances grip and feel on the stick blade which elevates shooting, stickhandling and passing.

Compared to other inline hockey pucks, Stilmat has added weight and raised glide pegs, which reduces puck roll and provides a faster gameplay. This design produces a smooth and consistent gameplay experience.

  • Designed for sport court or smooth surfaces
  • Added weight and raised glide pegs reduces puck roll
  • Enables faster gameplay
  • Textured surface for grip and feel on stick blade
  • Official Puck of the FRHL, State Wars, Inline Hockey World Championship and many other international tournaments and leagues
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