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Speed Radar - Shooting

Speed Radar - Shooting

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Keep track of your shooting strength and display the speed of the puck or ball in real time (kmh/mph). You can see the last 10 recorded speeds with the Speed Recall Feature.

This Speed Radar is compatible with the Potent Speed app for your Apple or Android device. You can see your saved history and you can also go to Battle mode which displays real-time speed tracking of two players.

  • Range: approximately 2m (40ft)
  • Large red 2-1/8” 3-digit LED digital speed display
  • Voice notification for speed announcements
  • Speed recall feature for last 10 sets of recorded speeds
  • Move mode speed range: 40 to 199km/h (25 to 150mph)
  • Still mode speed range: 15 to 199km/h (9 to 150mph)
  • Adjustable angle to provide highly accurate readings
  • Requires 5x AA-batteries (not included)

Potent Speed app instructions:

  • Open your free Potent Speed app from the app store
  • Ensure stable Bluetooth connection
  • Search for ‘Potent Speed’ in your Bluetooth network
  • Connect the app with your device

Single mode chart in your ‘Potent Speed’ app saves and displays your tracked speed in real time.

Battle mode displays real-time speed tracking of two players.

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