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Smart Stickhandling Trainer

Smart Stickhandling Trainer

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The Smart Stickhandling Trainer is an interactive and fun way to work on your stickhandling, puck control, reaction time and coordination, all at once!

With a built in digital display, tracking point system and rechargeable battery, you can challenge yourself and friends with intense and exciting trainings anywhere, and see who can get the highest score.

  • The perfect training tool for players looking to improve their stickhandling skills in a fun way
  • The reaction lights are random and the built in display keeps track of your score while the timer counts down
  • Two settings: 1 - reaction light changes after 5 seconds if you don't get to it and, 2 - reaction light changes after 2 seconds if you don't get to it 
  • Includes 1x PRO Sensor Puck
  • Includes 1x Sensor Training Ball
  • Includes 1x Power Charger for recharging the battery
  • Five, 38cm sections at 7cm height, each section has a reaction light
  • Can be used on any surface - both on and off the ice
  • Constructed of durable lightweight high impact material
  • Folds away for easy storage and transport - easily carry it anywhere you go!
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