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Rollerfly - White

Rollerfly - White

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Rollerfly is a revolutionary product that allows Inline Hockey goalies the ability to slide with ease giving goalies lateral movement while in a butterfly.

Rollerfly brings a range of benefits to Inline Hockey goalies including being able to use Ice Hockey goalie movement techniques, reduce hip and knee pain and injury, and prolong the life of goalie pads.

Rollerfly uses four unique plates (two on each leg) to cover nearly the entire inside edge of the goalies leg pad. These plates are designed with an extremely strong molded plastic that helps to reduce friction when sliding.

The plates have plastic ball bearings embedded into them to allow the goalie to literally roll across the crease. The nylon velcro straps on each plate allow you to customise the plate to any leg pad with a very secure fit.

Rollerfly has a range of benefits to goalies:

  • Allows Inline Hockey goalies the ability to use Ice Hockey goalie technique and movement
  • Helps avoids future injuries brought about by 'jagging' movements in the hips and knees
  • Prolongs the life of your goalie pads

** Please note this product's use is not approved in all facilities. Be sure to check with your primary rink prior to purchasing**

To see Rollerfly in action, check out the demo: ROLLERFLY DEMO

How to install Rollerfly video: INSTALL ROLLERFLY

Want another way to attach Rollerfly to your pads? Try the easy to apply Velcro mod that gets rid of the face strap: ROLLERFLY VELCRO MOD

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