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Mr. Zogs

Mr. Zogs Hockey Stick Wax

Mr. Zogs Hockey Stick Wax

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Mr. Zogs Sex Wax is a specially formulated wax used to coat Hockey Blades making it easier to manoeuvre the stick and giving you unmatched blade protection and grip. 

Use Mr. Zogs Stick Wax to give your equipment lasting protection!

  • Quick and easy to apply, simply rub on the taped surface of the blade
  • Prevents snow build-up improving stickhandling, passing and shooting
  • The wetter it gets, the tighter it holds and works as a water repellant
  • Won't crack or dry out
  • Consistent feel from grip to grip
  • Ultimate in coating protection
  • For all ages and skill level
  • Colours basically rub on clear, a slight tint of colour is visible
  • Net Weight: 75 grams per bar
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