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Konixx Pulsar-X Inline Hockey Wheel

Konixx Pulsar-X Inline Hockey Wheel

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The Pulsar-X wheel features Konixx's newest formula, U-Base5™ offering an ideal balance of rigidity, firmness, and traction, without compromising the wear of the wheel.

Joined to the proven Konixx K-Core™ hub, the Pulsar-X out performs all other single pour wheels!

Tech Specs:

  • Features the Konixx K-Core™ hub for an optimum balance of wheel rigidity and flex
  • Poured with the Konixx U-Base 5™ formula
  • Performance boosted w/ Konixx Trac-Tech™, Infini-Tech™, & Veloci-Tech™ additives
  • Offered in +0 stiffness
  • Available in 59, 68, 72, 76, and 80mm

Surface Recommendations:
The Pulsar-X is ideal for all tile surfaces

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