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Konixx Pure-X Street Inline Hockey Wheel

Konixx Pure-X Street Inline Hockey Wheel

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The Pure-X Street is the best outdoor wheel you can have. With 85A stiffness, it will last on rough surfaces and is the first ever high performance outdoor wheel that plays like an indoor wheel.

The Pure-X Street takes everything users of the Pure-X Indoor wheel rave about and introduces them to the street.

Using dual pour technology, our U-Base4™ urethane formula, and specially created additives, there is now an outdoor wheel that will truly last and perform as close to an indoor wheel as you can find.

Tech Specs:

  • Dual pour construction
  • Konixx U-Base 4™ formula found on the Pure-X indoor wheel
  • Veloci-Tech-X™, Trac-Tech-X™, and Infini-Tech-X™ additives for enhanced performance, traction, and durability
  • Wheel stiffness 85A

Surface Recommendations:
The Pure-X Street is ideal for asphalt, concrete and abrasive surfaces

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