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Helo QUARK Bearings

Helo QUARK Bearings

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The Helo Quark Bearings were made with one thing in mind, giving players top-notch speed! It is the "beyond Swiss" bearings from Helo, providing unmatched speed and precision spin.

The high-performance bearings come with a glass-reinforced nylon cage, deeper raceways, and elite-performance speed lube that places this bearing on another level to others.

If you're looking for an easy-clean solution, the removable backside allows for simple cleaning and re-lubing, extending the life of your bearings.

  • Fully Serviceable (open shield on one side for easy cleaning & re-lubrication)
  • High precision molded bearing cage for tighter tolerances
  • Polished chrome ball bearings
  • Deeper grooved raceways
  • Synthetic blend oil/lubricant
  • 16 pack
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