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Glice Home Synthetic Ice Panel - 6 Pack

Glice Home Synthetic Ice Panel - 6 Pack

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Glice is the world leader in synthetic ice providing an unbeatable ice skating experience.

Glice Home are 600mm by 600mm panels that assemble easily together with a Smart-Lock system and use the same pro-grade Glice technology as commercial tiles.

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  • Glice Home panels are 600mm x 600mm, 10mm thick and are reversible
  • Glice Home panels are backed by a 5 year warranty and have an approximate 10 year life span
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Smooth seamless skating - Glice Smart-Lock connection system is precision machined for perfect locking between panels to ensure super smooth skating 
  • Auto lubricating Glice formula - Scientifically developed Glice lubricating formula is released when skated on which delivers consistent performance even after years of use  
  • Perfect glide and grip - A precise, slow manufacturing process delivers a perfect surface hardness for skating with the most realistic glide and grip factor
  • How many panels do you need per metre? Download our Panel Map to find out: Panel Map - ICE HOCKEY or Panel Map - FIGURE SKATING
  • Want to see Glice Home in action? Check out the Product Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use regular skates?
Yes! You can use any regular hockey or figure skates.

What rink size would you recommend?
A small Glice Home shooting or goal tending pad can be as small as 9x9 ft (25 sheets) or as large as 30x30 ft (256 sheets).

How does it compare to real ice?
Skating on Glice is very similar to real ice and you can easily practice any of the same maneuvers. Real ice is instantly slippery, where as the glide on Glice begins the moment the blade slides across the surface. It’s a subtle difference and most people adjust to Glice automatically within minutes given Glice is designed specifically to be most accurate synthetic ice for skating.

Can I install it myself?
Yes, absolutely! Assembling your Glice Home rink is easy and no tools are required. Glice Home sheets securely snap together and are ready to use within minutes.

What kind of surface can you install Glice Home on?
Glice Home performs best when installed on hard, flat surfaces like a cement garage floor, level driveway or basement floor. To install over grass, a plywood base layer is recommended. If you're unsure for your application, please contact us.

Does Glice tear up your blades? How often do you need to sharpen your skates when using Glice?
Glice’s unique surface hardness and internal lubricant provides outstanding glide which does not tear up your blades like many other synthetic ice products. On Glice, you can expect to sharpen your skates about 20% more often than when practicing on real ice. We also provide the affordable and easy to use hand held skate sharpener, Blade Barber

How smooth is it?
A brand new Glice surface is perfectly smooth. As it gets skated on, the surface will score similarly to real ice except Glice always preserves it’s great skating performance. In fact, many Glice owners say it gets better with time as more of the surface is exposed to the built in gliding lubricant.

Why is Glice expensive?
Glice is not a cheap product and buyers should be aware of the large range in quality of synthetic ices. Glice is manufactured using only the purest materials with a very slow, and precise sintered press process. This is the only way to achieve authentic skating performance. Unlike other synthetic ice products, a Glice rink can easily be skated on for over 10 years and even comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

Can you cut or trim Glice sheets to fit a given area?
Yes! You can cut Glice Home sheets to get a custom fit around specific features like support beams or walls. They can be cut with a rotary or table saw ideally with a laminate blade (for the cleanest cut). It can also be cut using a jigsaw. To allow for thermal expansion, we recommend leaving a gap (0.5" for indoor rinks, 2" for outdoor rinks) along the perimeter before any hard stop surface

Can it be left outside or do you have to take it in and out every time?
Glice can be left outside for extended periods of time. When not in use, we recommend covering it with a tarp or cover. For permanent outdoor installations, please contact us for a complete list of products which would suit your needs.

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