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Glice Home - Mini Board

Glice Home - Mini Board

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Glice Home Mini Boards are edge barriers that attach easily to your Glice Home Synthetic Ice for a clean look and to keep pucks on your Glice.

Mini Boards are exactly the same length as Glice Home panels with a height of 4cm's above the Glice skating surface. They securely clip into the edges and don't add any additional width to panels.


  • To fully enclose your Glice Home surface, you only need 1x Part 3 Corner and 1x Part 4 Corner boards, all other boards are made of of Part 1 and Part 2 boards
  • To work out the amount of mini boards you need, add number of Width panels with the number of Length panels, and times it by two, this will give you the total amount of Mini Boards required for your surface
  • To work out how many different number of mini barrier parts you need, use the below formula or view the Mini Boards Map for a detailed example.

Part 1 = number of width panels + number of length minus one
Part 2 = number of width panels + number of length minus one
Part 3 = one board
Part 4 = one board

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