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Extreme Shooting Tarp

Extreme Shooting Tarp

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The Extreme Shooting Tarp is our largest tarp and can cover and protect large areas like a garage door, walls or windows while you practice your shooting!

It is easy to install, very durable and has 7 target pouches, you can set it up inside or outside and get to work on your shooting skills.

  • 8'x16' (2.43m x 4.87m)
  • 7 grey target holes to shoot at, and one convenient pouch to retrieve them behind the tarp
  • Heavy duty, 18oz reinforced vinyl designed to withstand repeated impact
  • Absorbs pucks so you spend less time chasing them
  • Scoring holes reinforced with nylon edging for added strength
  • You can practice with any type of puck
  • Easy to put up and take down
  • Rolls up and out of the way by one person when not in use
  • Comes with 9 wood screws and washers for installation
  • Comes with 4 elastic tie's for rolling up and storing away - place these at ever second hole to roll the tarp up, see product images for more details
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