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BLOK Goalie Stick Finger Protector

BLOK Goalie Stick Finger Protector

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BLOK prevents the puck from making contact with the index finger when sliding up the paddle.

The product is made from lightweight rubber so it is completely unnoticeable during use. BLOK is designed to be used during practice, training and warmups where goalies are more susceptible to having pucks slide up the paddle. 

  • Lightweight and durable, won't change your stick feel at all!
  • Unnoticeable during use
  • Re-usable 
  • One size fits most
  • Colour: Black


  1. Open the sleeve, slide over the top of the stick riser first
  2. Continue to slide on to paddle with the riser facing out
  3. While holding your stick with one hand, use your other hand to help maneuver BLOK down the paddle until the riser has cleared your hand placement. (Approx 3 inches)


  1. Put your finger under the sleeve and work the product upwards toward the shaft of the stick

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