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Blade Barber Model 1000

Blade Barber Model 1000

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The Blade Barber is your new skate sharpener!

It fits in your pocket and allows you to give quality skate sharpens anywhere! You can get up to 30 skate sharpens from one Blade Barber.

Made in Canada with the finest materials, it actually sharpens your skates! 

  • Get up to 30 skate sharpens from one Blade Barber - depending on the condition of your skates
  • Only use the correct Blade Barber model radius on skates sharpened to that radius. For example, 1/2" model is to be used on skates sharpened to 1/2" only
  • Blade Barber is ideal to give you a skate sharpen on dull skates. If your skate Runners are damaged, they will need a machine sharpen. Do not use on skates that have not been sharpened before
  • To be used on Runners 3mm size only, do not use Blade Barber on 4mm thick Runners
  • Runners must have at least 3/8" (0.95cm) in height, if you have less then you need new Runners 
  • Take the time to learn how to use Blade Barber properly, it only takes 5 minutes! It’s as simple as stabilise, swipe and repeat. Of course it takes a little practice being a handheld tool, but with those soft hands of yours, you’ll get the hang of it in no time



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