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Bauer Slivvver Inline Hockey Puck

Bauer Slivvver Inline Hockey Puck

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A heavier puck than traditional pucks, the Slivvver puck is more comparable to an Ice Hockey puck. The additional weight allows you to shoot harder and to have greater control as hockey sticks are made to suit Ice Hockey Pucks, not Inline. 

The Slivvvers aerodynamic design allows it to naturally hug the surface and keeps it from rolling on end or bouncing. 

  • Hi-Density Runners - The hard, hi-density runners are fuse-welded into the softer puck body
  • Smooth and Fast - The puck slides smooth and fast, with a superior puck-handling feel
  • Puck Surface Hugger - The aerodynamic design keeps the puck hugging to the surface. It immediately lays flat on high shots without a tendency to roll or bounce
  • Body: Polyvinyl chloride + Resin Matrix
  • Runners: Proprietary Polymatrix
  • Size: 76mm x 27.5mm
  • Weight: 125 grams
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